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I'm Ashley Lewis which is why I own You'll see from this site that I'm a bit square, like technology, do a bit of cycling and occasionally get my camera out. My nickname is 'Flash', I like to think this is because of my exceptional skills and talent as a photographer but my friends may think otherwise.

This is my personal web site so nothing here about work or business just my interests, curious links and some interesting information about the worlds Ashley Lewis'!

I will update my site as and when I have time but if you're really interested to know more about me there's always the social media sites that you can browse through using the icons on the left.

Apparently Ashley Lewis means 'ash meadow', An English surname and place name first used as a given name in the 16th century.

Did you know that.....

I said that this web site would have nothing to do with work but just briefly; Apart from being a talented photographer, I have a reputation for being an industry leading Document Management Consultant with vast business management and operational experience in the outsourced document management arena. I take great pleasure in designing a solution, implementing it, delivering it and developing it - hopefully with a very happy customer. if that really excites you, take a look at the Paperlite Office link.

This is where I will eventually put some links to intersting stuff, ok stuff that I'm intertested in like..